What We Do

Our clinic provides a medical consultation and follow-up care specifically for the use of medical marijuana and cannabinoids as a treatment option when your chronic medical condition has been inadequately treated with conventional therapies.

How We Do It

In order to expedite obtaining an appointment, have your primary care/family doctor complete the referral form and fax to our clinic. If you are unable to obtain a physician referral please contact us for further information.

What You Need For Your Appointment

The detailed process of being medically assessed can be made very quick and easy if you make the following available:

  • supporting documentation of your chronic medical condition (eg. specialists’ notes, xrays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, bloodwork, etc.)
  • a list of current medications, and medications/therapies that you have used in the past for your condition (these can be obtained from your pharmacy or family doctor)
  • fax these to our clinic, or bring them with you to your initial visit
  • provide a valid Health Card at your appointment

Booking An Appointment

After we receive your referral form, you will be contacted by our clinic to book an appointment.